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D&K Group

D&K Group
D&K is a worldwide manufacturer of thermal laminating films, heat-assist films, and pressure sensitive overlaminates as well as thermal laminating equipment and wide format laminating equipment. For over 30 years, D&K has been an innovative force in the lamination industry – from the introduction of the first automated cutter for the two-sided market to the most recent introduction of SuperStick® – a revolutionary adhesive system designed specifically for difficult-to-stick-to substrates.
D&K EXP 42" Plus Laminator
The EXP 42 Plus Laminator is a heavy duty, industrial strength wide format...
D&K EXP 42" Pouch Laminator
The EXP 42 Pouch Laminator is a state-of-the-art print finishing system. It...
D&K EXP 44" Twin Laminator
The EXP 44 Twin wide format laminator is a dual purpose, operator-friendly...
D&K EXP 62" Plus Laminator
The EXP 62 Plus Laminator offers you the perfect finishing solution for your...
D&K EXP 63" Commercial Laminator
The EXP 63 Laminator is a full featured machine with all the "bells and...
D&K EXP 65" Laminator
The EXP 65 is a cold laminator with an upper heated roller (up to 140 F)....
D&K Infrared Thermometer
Infrared Thermometer used to measure the temperature of your laminator
D&K Laminator Cart
Roll Cart for your D&K Laminator
D&K Laminator Poly-Off Kit
Non-Flammable cleaner used to remove residue from your laminator
D&K Laminator Roll Cleaner - 10 / Pack
Rubber based eraser used for cleaning and removing tough residue from...
D&K Minikote EZ Laminator
The Mini Kote EZ Laminator is easy to operate, and contemporary in design and...
D&K Minikote Laminator
The Two-Sided Minikote Laminator is easy to operate, contemporary in design...
D&K Superkote Industrial Laminator
The SuperKote Laminator is versatile, operator-friendly and safe. This...