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Light Duty

Light Duty Paper Folders
Dynafold Model 102AF Paper Folder
Light-weight High performance Easy operation New table top...
Dynafold Model 10560 Paper Folder
Model 10560 Multiple Size - Handles large volumes of paperwork. Perfect for...
Martin Yale 1501X (CV-7) Autofolder
Martin Yale 1611 Ease-Of-Use AutoFolder
The Martin Yale 1611 Ease-of-Use AutoFolder is ideal for large mailrooms and...
Martin Yale P6200 Desktop Folder
Ideal for the occasional fold jobs. Easy to maintain and very user friendly.
Martin Yale P6400 Desktop Letter / Half Folder
A unique little folder that is always there when you need it. It can sit...
Martin Yale P7200 RapidFold
The Martin Yale P7200 is a one of a kind machine in it's category. Small and...
Martin Yale P7400 AutoFolder
The Martin Yale P7400 is small and easy to store. This machine does most...